If you're like most of us, your home can feel like a cluttered mess in just a matter of days from picking up the mail, cooking meals in the kitchen and living in your house. Each home is unique in its capacity to store the miscellaneous items that are necessary for a good home life, but you can take control of the clutter with the following three home organization tips.

Storage Bins

Storage bins are an affordable way to store all of the miscellaneous items that can pile up around your house. It's easy to get relief and get organized with a few storage bins placed neatly in your garage or inside of an indoor closet. If you'd rather not spend the money to buy a new storage bin, check out your local grocery stores for free grocer boxes. By sliding a folded paper over the edge of each bin, you can label each box as necessary for things like "cleaning supplies," "memories," "pet supplies," or "holiday decorations." It's entirely up to you how organized you would like the inside of each storage bin to be, but this is an easy way to remove some of the unnecessary rubbage you find around your house and tidy up messy counters and floors.

Paper Organization

Keeping papers organized is essential to keeping a home neat and tidy. You can find paper organizers in many forms at any local retail store, and many used organizers are available at garage sales cheaply as well. One organizer can allow you to keep all of your papers in one place, helping you keep your counters and tabletops organized and free of clutter. One additional benefit of keeping your paper organized is that it helps you keep your life organized as well. For example, a three-tier paper organizer easily allows you to create separate piles for bills, invitations and coupons. By organizing your paper, you can help organize your wallet and free your mind of unnecessary stress and strain as well.


Bookshelves are another one of the time-tested ways to help organize your home. You can find used bookshelves for free or very cheap at local yard sales or online on websites like Craigslist. Bookshelves have become more multi-purpose in recent years as books have become digitized, and one bookshelf can hold your papers, letters, magazines, candles and anything else that compliments a room.